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Secure Your Account

1. Do not install any application that states that you can get cheat codes of Junglee Rummy Mobile App. If you install any of such application, there could be a possibility of your account getting hacked.
2. Do not fall prey to phishing and spamming sites that promise you of free chip packages. Your account information could get compromised.
3. Beware of malicious sites that may look like Junglee Rummy Mobile App. Do not download them at any cost even if they are advertised on Social Media Sites. Your account information could get compromised.

Purchase Chips Only From Junglee Rummy Mobile

Chips at Junglee Rummy Mobile have no real value; they are used only for entertainment purposes. If you want to buy chips to playing uninterrupted games, you can purchase them from Junglee Rummy Mobile App only through Google Play Store and iTunes Store. Do not make any purchase from unauthorized sites or sources. There could be lots of malicious and specious sites that offer ways to redeem your chips with real cash.