Get a comprehensive list of terms used in rummy mobile games. Improve your rummy vocabulary and play like a King at Junglee Rummy Mobile!

Buy In – It refers to the number of chips that one pay in order to play a game of rummy.

Closed Deck – It refers to a pack of un-dealt cards that are placed face down after all the cards are distributed to each player. Every player, during their turn, has the option to pick a card from the Closed Deck or Open Deck.

Deck – It refers to the pack of cards used in rummy games. Depending on the number of players, up to two packs of cards, consisting of 52 cards with a printed joker, is used.

Discard – Each player, during their turn, has to discard a card after picking a card from the Open Deck or Closed Deck. This process of placing a card on the Open is called as discarding a card.

Draw – Each player has to pick a card from the Closed or Open Deck during their turn. This process of picking a card is called as drawing a card.

Drop – After the cards are dealt, players can decide whether to play or quit the game. If they decide to quit during the first or later moves, they drop out of the game. Players can do so by clicking on the Drop Button.

Sequence: A group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit is called as a Sequence. For example, 2 ♣3 ♣4♣ 5♣ is a sequence of four consecutive cards in the same suit.

Impure Sequence – A sequence formed with the help of a Joker is called as an impure sequence.

Pure Sequence - A sequence formed without using any Joker is called as a pure sequence.

Set – A group of three or four cards that are of the same rank but belonging to different suits is called as a set. For example, 7♦7♣7♠7♥ is a set of four 7s belonging to different suits.

Joker – The special card which can replace other cards to form sets and sequences is called as the Joker. There are two jokers – Printed Joker and Wild Joker. Each deck has one Printed Joker and the card which is selected randomly at the beginning of each game is called as the Wild Joker.

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